Since founding the first New Zealand photography workshop company in 2005, we have continued to produce world-class workshops for passionate photographers from around the globe. Our photo workshops are led by Phillip Bartlett., New Zealand’s most sought-after professional landscape photography instructor. With only six participants on each workshop, non-photographers are also most welcome, Phillip’s easy-to-follow and patient teaching style will inspire you to create photographs of substance and originality.

In addition to our own workshops we have also partnered with reputed global photography workshop company Visionary Wild, whose instructors include some of the most recognised names in contemporary landscape and wildlife photography, and world-acclaimed polar photographer Joshua Holko, who specialises in extreme photo expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic.

Every workshop is open to photographers of all skill levels, as well as non-photographers. The inclusive and positive atmosphere we enjoy as a small group of six photographers makes the journey together as memorable as the photography we experience. You are most welcome to be a part of any of our workshops and we look forward to photographing the amazing New Zealand landscapes with you very soon.

2019 New Zealand Photography Workshops


Photography Instructor

Phillip Bartlett

I was born and raised in Nelson, New Zealand, and am a professional landscape photographer.

Just over twelve years ago I started guiding photographers and have been referred to as the most highly regarded landscape photography instructor in New Zealand. I believe this is because I know where the best coffee, and hot chocolate, is to be had no matter where we are.

The most valuable asset of digital photography, from a learning perspective, is being able to instantly assess each capture. This is immensely helpful when I am working with photographers to develop their individual style and master new techniques.

It is a privilege to share my enthusiasm for the New Zealand landscape with other passionate photographers and many workshop participants have become friends and repeat clients. You are most welcome to join me on any of our amazing workshops.


  • "I have participated in a number of photo workshops both in the USA and overseas, and this particular trip is the best I have attended. Phillip has worked hard to develop a great itinerary for his guests, including good food and outstanding coffee. He is always ready with advice when in the field; I came home with a number of outstanding images." E. Hartmann, USA.
  • "I've attended multiple photography workshops in different countries, and Phillip is definitely one of the best photographers I've had the privilege to work with. At each location Phillip gave individual attention to each photographer's composition, giving advise and the rationale for it. I was amazed at Phillip's compositional eye as he immediately saw what needed to be corrected when he looked at my LCD monitor. " H. Chen, USA.
  • "This was one of the best photographic workshops I have ever attended anywhere in the world. Phillip worked individually with each one of us to help get the best composition and taught us how to think outside of 'the photographic box'." Dr L. Korpeck, USA.
  • "In 2018 I will be attending my sixth workshop with Phillip Bartlett. I think that says it all." B. Knott, Australia.
  • "Your careful planning and knowledge of this beautiful island we explored together, paired with your professional know-how has given me invaluable memories for a long time to come. I enjoyed the time together immensely, could take home pictures and experiences I could never have made without you." A. Bulato, Switzerland.
  • "First class all the way. Phillip Bartlett was outstanding in providing knowledgeable and valuable input to us on the landscape on the areas visited on the South Island. Phillip is a masterful photographer so he not only knows the art but knows all the wonderful places to visit...a spectacular experience." D. Merrow, Professional Photographer, Canada.
  • "Your Expedition was everything I could have asked for. Your assistance with composition and shooting locations made every shoot a winner. This was by far the best Photo Expedition/Workshop/Tour that I have been on. Yours is now the gold standard of workshops that all others will be judged by." David K, USA.
  • "The best landscape photo experience I've had across four continents." J. Luttmer, USA.